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  • King Khazm performs at DK3 in Venice Beach

    King Khazm performs at DK3 in Venice Beach

    Honored to perform at the DK3 3×3 wheelchair basketball tournament today with so many top level professionals! Much respects to Matt Scott, Fly Without Limits, Nico, Wings For Life, Hoop […]

  • King Khazm at Esco’s

    King Khazm at Esco’s

    Biggup Smart x Steeke, Guillotine, Qwest Coast, Brownsville the Collective, Q the Music, Finesse Chunx and especially Esco for the love and holding space tonight!

  • MCM “6 Shootaz” Official Video

    MCM “6 Shootaz” Official Video

    Mid Century Modern “6 Shootaz” is now live!! Much thanks to everyone who everyone who helped make this happen! Shout outs to Andy Mosher, Julie Kealiher Elliott, Kevin Bennett, Randy […]


About King Khazm

King Khazm is an emcee, producer and community organizer who has become a prominent figure in the Hip-Hop community within Seattle and around the world. His work to engage and empower communities is demonstrated through over 25 years of music, art and community service.

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