Big Win for Airline Accessibility!

I’m thrilled to know that our efforts were finally heard! We were able to implement provisions of the Air Carrier Access Amendments Act into the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) reauthorization bill, which was recently signed by President Joe Biden. This is a huge step in making airline travel more accessible for many. Thank you Rep. Dan Newhouse, Rep. Adam Smith, Rep. Marilyn Strickland, Sen. Maria Cantwell, Sen. Patty Murray, United Spinal Association for championing this, and all the public servants, incredible orgs and individuals who stepped up to make this happen!

Massive Monkees 25th Anniversary

MAD Krew and Massive Monkees are like cousins to the Hip Hop family tree here in Seattle. Several years before Universal Style Monkees and Massive would come together to form Massive Monkees, many of us came up in the ranks from Franklin High School to Jefferson Community Center, Rainier Beach and beyond, connecting at parties and jams throughout Beacon Hill and the Southend. Fun fact: one of the original members of both crews even came up with the acronym M.A.D. (Madness After Dark) and the rest in history. MAD Krew delved into the world of graffiti and music and Massive never stopped with the dance and movements. To think we are still here 25 and 29 years later is truly a feat, especially during the madness of the 80s and 90s. I’m so proud of their commitment to not only excellence and perseverance, but community and nurturing our future Bboys and Bgirls. Cheers to my MM fam- here’s to 25 more years!! 💪🏼